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We founded Generation Water in February 2016 with the vision to provide the world with sustainable alternatives to plastic bottled drinking water.

We built a team of likeminded people who possess the skills and perseverance to develop and execute on this vision. We have already taken massive strides towards our goals and continue to expand the positive impact across the Globe.

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Better for the Environment

Our solutions are designed to overcome the global single plastic use crisis effecting every single person on the planet. Our solutions achieve a significantly lower carbon footprint with the goal to achieve a carbon positive impact using renewables and optimised processes.


Better for You

In order to effect major positive change, we need to provide solutions which everyone would prefer doing, rather than the alternative. If available, everyone would rather drink a water which is healthier for them and the planet. We provide healthy alkaline water with essential minerals.


Better for your Budget

Without providing a win-win situation that increases profitability, nobody wins. Our solutions provide a way for businesses and individuals to significantly increase the benefits and value of our water, whilst at the same time reducing the costs involved.


Don’t ship water across oceans. We make it better, wherever you want it.

Premium Bottled Water
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Our Mission

To remove one billion plastic bottles per year by 2021.