Produce your own

Alkaline water

from air.

Nature's original source.

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Our water

Create your own mineral water wherever you need it, the same way nature does! 

Our innovative process produces water from the air, then purifies and enhances this water through a process inspired by the natural water cycle. 

This is done by condensing the water vapour (humidity) naturally found in the air, circulating it through an advanced filtration process to keep the water as fresh as possible. 

Minerals are then added to the water in a similar way to the process that occurs in nature when water flows through rocks, picking up minerals along the way. 

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Our story

Whilst walking along the beach in Koh Samui, we instantly fell in love with the natural beauty, but were devastated with the amount of plastic ruining the experience.

We noticed the bins filling up with empty, branded, plastic bottles of water given to the guests complimentary. So we started to consider innovative ways of cleaning the beaches, even going as far as solar powered beach cleaning robots.

But we quickly realised that if we wanted to make a lasting impact, we had to tackle the root cause of the problem and not just clean up after it had already happened...


to help rid the world of single use plastic by providing sustainable alternatives to plastic bottled water.

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