Our Story

Generation Water’s founders come from all corners of the world.
Travelling the world, access to safe drinking water varies significantly. A constant, is the significant amount of plastic waste you see on the once pristine beaches which is now finding it’s way into our food chain.

A lot of this waste generated, is a result of satisfying our basic human need for water. This is why the founders of Generation Water decided to start a company with the clear goal to develop solutions that provide premium drinking water, whilst reducing our impact on the environment.


Generation Water provide commercially and environmentally sustainable alternatives to plastic bottled drinking water.

We offer solutions to solve the cost, waste, logistical burden and quality issues associated with the supply of water. We also have solutions for small scale applications for home or office use.

We do this by using our technology to condense, filter, mineralise and bottle the infinite source of water vapour present in the air.



Our Mission

Off the back of in-depth collaboration with Marriott International’s senior operations and corporate and social responsibility executives, we designed, developed and implemented a solution that produces an average of 4,500 bottles per day of alkaline drinking water made 100% from the air.

These glass bottles are to be provided to the guests of four 5-star Marriott Hotels in Phuket, Thailand, accommodating a total of more than 1,000 high-class guests a day.

This solution not only produces the highest quality water made 100% from the air and bottles it into glass bottles, but also uses sophisticated sanitation processes. This ensures used bottles are hygienically and efficiently restored to be reused again and again.

Using this solution as our blueprint, and the lessons and expertise gained from this experience, we are in the process of building a centralised plant in Phuket to produce 20,000 bottles per day.

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