Our Water

Premium alkaline drinking water made 100% from air.

Drinking our mineralised water offers you the unique ability to protect our limited natural water sources whilst reducing the need for plastic and other waste. You can reduce you carbon footprint and at the same time reduce your costs and logistical overheads associated with traditional drinking water purchases.


Save WATER. Drink AIR.


Mineralised drinking water

Our advanced filtration process adds minerals and electrolytes producing the ideal source for the healthy rehydration that tastes great.


Highest quality

Our water is rigorously monitored for quality and has been audited and approved by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Never buy water again

Why buy drinking water in disposable containers when you can make premium mineralised drinking water where you need it, when it is needed.


How it works

Our solutions utilise advanced technology, optimised for maximum efficiency, to extract the water vapour from the air, then filter it to produce the highest quality drinking water.



Our Products


Aero 20


Aero 30